How to insert a question into Cirrus Insight's email templates.

Important: You need to know beforehand if you'll be using the email template to be sent to Salesforce Contacts or a CSV Upload / Manual Entry.

From Gmail in Google Chrome, head to edit/compose a new Campaign.

Choose between 'Build from List View' or 'CSV Upload' / 'Manual Entry'

Start editing / composing an email template.

Open GetReplied.

Important: Before inserting your question, make sure you're using the right integration for your template:

If you intent to use your template for Salesforce Contacts or 'Build from List View', make sure you select Salesforce from the drop-down menu:

If you intent to use your template for a 'CSV Upload' or 'Manual Entry', make sure you select Cirrus Insight from the drop-down menu:

Once you've selected the right integration, choose between a Saved Question or a New Question, then click 'Ask'

A pop-up message will appear on the top right corner of your browser to confirm your question has been copied.

Paste your question into your template.

Make sure you add a proper name and description to your template, then save your template.