How to copy/paste a question into our integrated sales email and outreach tools email templates.

Important: The integration works differently across Yesware,, Cirrus and Sendinblue, please read the following articles to use them properly:

Using GetReplied with Yesware.

Using GetReplied with

Using GetReplied with Cirrus.

Using GetReplied with Sendinblue.

Note: The recipients from will be identified by their name instead of their email address.

On Google Chrome, head to compose a template into your sales email / outreach tool .

Open GetReplied.

Choose between a Saved Question or a New Question, then click 'Ask'

A pop-up message will appear on the top right corner of your browser to confirm your question has been copied.

Paste your question into your template.

Note: When using MixMax you can alternatively add additional formatting by going into the 'Enhance' menu and pasting the question into the 'Custom HTML' box.